Making the album

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“Love In The Midst of Chaos”

SupaNova Slom released his first studio album in four years, “Love In The Midst of Chaos,” on the date of his birth this passed January 29th. It is the ninth studio album that the musician, best-selling author, and wellness coach has released.

Slom’s recent project is a combination of genres: He categorizes it as Trap, Rock, Punk, Alternative, R&B, Soul, and says it is, “…unapologetically me.”

The Brooklyn-born and raised musician credits Michael Jackson and Prince as his biggest musical influences growing up, but says Prince inspired him to sing as well as learn to play the guitar and piano, while honing his craft as a lyricist. He has been cultivating his musicianship since the age of 10. Simultaneously, his older cousin, Entrfied [@thegodofsound], exposed Slom to recording and performing, live.


Slom’s music production team

Ra Sound consists of Chief Producer, Entrfied McCloud, Associate Producer, Rod Heru, and Executive Producer/Vocalist, SupaNova Slom. The album was mastered by Grammy winner, The album was mastered by Grammy winner, Emily Lazar, of “Lodge Mastering.”

Prior to the current project, Ra Sound independently launched eight Alternative Rap albums over the span of nearly two decades. Slom’s musical catalog boasts of features from Erykah Badu, The Game, Jadakiss, Bilal, Ludachris, TI, Jay Electronica, Ice T, Dead Prez and Theopolus Londod, to name a few.


Emily Lazar

She has been responsible for the sound craftsmanship of @davidbowie , @foofighters , @bjork , @moby , @vampireweekend , @wutangclan and so many more huge amazing artists. The direction we are going with this Album is Alternative Rock, R&B and tiny bit of trap..tiny tiny lol . The first thing Emily said to Entrfied when he sent her the mixes was that she is absolutely a huge Prince fan and she loved our sonic tribute to him and loved the direction we were going in. I was super stoked to hear the final master more hyped and humbled to share this Amazing Project with you all this Tuesday 1-29-19 upon its Global release. My cuz Entrfied and I have been collaborating since 1988 and since have produce 8 critically acclaimed Hip Hop Albums and soundtracks, so now we are ready to take our sound and vision to a bigger global audience. This new Album is unlike any thing I have previously released, 95% more singing and distorted guitars and less rapping. I call the Spirit of this Album F*^k it!!! Lol because that’s the place the greatest art comes from, my vibe is just “Go 4 It” regardless of celebration or ridicule..the Freedom 2 be ..that’s the Zone I’m Channeling from. I survived gang wars, Afghanistan war, divorce and lost friendships to be blessed and resilient 2 be here and NOW readying 2 share my art with you all. I look forward to meeting thousands to millions of new friends that this Album will bring to myself and Entrfied, some of you reading this may already be among those that will support us indies making major moves and some of you may look the other way. Regardless of the outcome come I’m so ready for the world stage, I been working all of my life for a time and project like this.


Ali “S” aka @anoblesavage.

“Love In The Midst of Chaos” was 10 years in the making with creative input by mentor and music industry vet, Ali “S” aka @anoblesavage.

In 2009, Slom and his team shot their Prince-inspired music video, “Midnight,” at his Brooklyn flat to assess his audience’s response to Slom’s musical range. Entrfied and he strategically placed the song on their then album – “The Remedy.” The response Slom received from his listeners, was a mixture of excitement and curiosity for what was next, he recounts.

In 2011, prior to Slom going into active duty military service, Ali convinced he and Entrfied to focus and create a cohesive SupaNova project and Prince-inspired sound, with alternative rock influences. Thus, their journey began, and they worked periodically until Prince’s untimely passing 2016.

“This totally shook us because we were sure Prince would absolutely love the album – and us – when we were through with it,” Slom says.

The group went on hiatus to dig deeper and channel their creativity around the memory of the late, Prince of Pop. Encouraged by Ali, they recorded over the next few years to form “Love in The Midst of Chaos” – an album which promises if nothing else, a sonic boom of diversity!


SupaNova Slom

From the booming synth Trap-Hop melody of the title track “Love In The Midst of Chaos” – to the soul-silky, Prince-like falsetto vocals of “Breathe” – to the Electro-Punk Rock pulse of “Love Thump” and “Revolution” – think, Nine Inch Nails and Bad Brains; and to the Bone Thugs N Harmony and Migos-like cadence of “Psalms: God Love Gangstas” boasts SupaNova’s most ambitious work – to – date. Additional contemporary inspiration for the project came from artists Fishbone, The Weeknd, Drake, and Kanye West.

Mostly known as a Hip-Hop artist, after the “Chaos…” Slom will be known as a SupaNova rockstar!

The uniqueness of his moniker is undeniable. He says the origin of it is his mother: “SupaNova was given to me and means ‘Shining with the brilliance of a hundred million suns.’ The second part, ‘Slom,’ means ‘hidden light.’”